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Dear Sir/Ma'am,

I am Ruby Rose Villanueva Cassidy, the singer and actress known to you by the showbiz name "MYSTICA". I have recently returned to the Philippines after a four years break in America to my native country I love; to work and be with my family that I have greatly missed, and most importantly, I have returned to my country in order to fulfill my dream of helping street people in the Philippines through my new Mystica Foundation. For the first time in the Philippines, I performed on the stage as a Motivational Speaker and talked about why Passion is important if anyone wants to be happy and motivated in his/her work.

As Mystica, I have a way of getting my audience to love me and be inspired by me because of my excellent song and dance abilities, professionalism and good sense of humor. At the seminar, which was made to launch and start the funding of MYSTICA FOUNDATION, the audience have met a new Mystica with a lot of passion for her new work and goals in life. This was my BIG launch as a Motivational Speaker
( with the help of Mr. Rino Solberg, who's well known as one of the most dynamic speakers in Norway for giving more than 800 seminars or training courses to over 120,000 people in the area of Sales, Motivation, Body Language & Communication, Personal Development, Leadership, and Total Quality Management.

Besides my own "PASSION FOR WORK" topic, these were Mr. Rino Solberg's MOTIVATIONAL SEMINAR content:

  • How to be Self-Motivated for life through goals

  • How Positive Mental Attitude will change your life to the better

  • How to be Enthusiastic at work and enjoy life

  • How to get more out of your Time

  • How to eliminate negative Stress

  • How to change your negative Habits into positive

  • How Integrity will get you the best result in any work situation

  • How YOU can be a winner

Presently, Mr. Solberg is also the Chairman of The Better Globe Group of companies in Norway and Africa ( and has great goals for this group for the next 20 years and above. These companies’ aims are to fight poverty in Africa through profit making activities, like tree planting for the environment and poverty eradication. 
Obviously, Mr. Solberg and I have the same passion, a definite major goal, and a vision for what we wish to achieve in life. The timing of my meeting with Mr. Solberg has coincided with the development of my newly self-produced record album - "I GOT THE POWER" and the development and production of my newly self-produced/self-written movie called "WASAK" (SHATTERED), which is also being co-produced by VIVA Films. Although it is not just a movie about the typhoons and floods, it is also a movie about struggles, survival, and a condition that exists in the Philippines and other eastern countries that lays prey upon our children, our poor and the weak.

The timing has also coincided with the development of my charitable organization called the MYSTICA FOUNDATION ( that will be focused on helping the Street People especially with the Kids to go to school and also discover their talents, to help the Unemployed by giving them some jobs through our  Call Center, to provide Emergency Relief for those in need of urgent assistance to survive and recover especially People affected by typhoons and flooding, People affected by the global food crisis, and People endangered by violence, etc.

Because of my strong feelings for the unfortunate, I also want to use my power as a Leader and to implement  Ethics & Integrity in the showbiz industry as I was inspired by the latest book written by Mr. Rino Solberg called "PUT INTEGRITY FIRST"  ( I will use my talent and ability to raise money to help the Street People & the Unfortunate Ones, and whoever I can reach and help throughout the Philippines.
To make that pledge a reality, I can't do it all alone and I will need your help. What I ask of you is not a plea for blind donation. We as business people expect a return for our investments. Being your company's name is known and recognized, and commands the power of many, I am asking you to use that power and influence to join me and others in this relief effort with your name, your company, your employees, or your face especially in the movie, literally.

There are some of us in the cities of this country that have enjoyed great fame and fortune. We have received the respect and admiration most people only dream of. For me, I feel that with prosperity comes a responsibility. Less fortunate than we have admired and supported us in our quest of our goals with their adulation and money. There are some of you, like me, that rose from those levels of need and poverty..., it is part of who we are, and we can not look away. We must use this as an opportunity to be one voice, one pocket for those in need and be there for them as they have been there for us.

In closing, I hope I can rely on you for your participation in this just and worthy cause. Your Cash Sponsorship for my charity projects will be highly appreciated.100% of the net profit of the Record Album, the Mystica Concerts, the Motivational Seminars, and the Movie will be donated to Mystica Foundation in order to help the Street People & Unfortunate Ones.

Your act of aid and generosity will be recognized as a Sponsor/Advertiser and your company and business will be acknowledged through our sponsorship packages at

We have before us a city, a country, and our people that are in need. We are their leaders, the standard they live by...we are their HEROES!

This is not a calling of duty, it is one of honor.

Please join me.


Ruby Rose Villanueva Cassidy
a.k.a. Mystica

Mr. Rino Solberg's business experience varies much. He has 5 years Engineering education, but started his first company when he was 21 years old and has been building and running his own companies ever since. As a young man he invented a grinding machine for gate and globe valves, got patents in 12 countries and built a manufacturing company called "Unislip" for this product in Norway, with daughter companies in USA, Japan and Germany, and with agents in more than 20 countries. Today this company have sold their valve grinding machines to approximately 70-80% of all the nuclear power plants in the whole world. He sold that company in 1987, after running it successfully for 13 years, and then started his own training and publishing company.

He is an author of 9 Books within the area of Personal Development, the last being "Put Integrity First" (The right way to success in Africa) and many Audio and Video programs for training purposes. He has also, as a consultant, helped approximately 100 companies in Norway (and 103 in Uganda and Kenya) implementing the ISO 9000 and ISO 14001, respectively quality management and environment system standards in their companies.

He has since 2002 been studying Internet Marketing Concepts like "Viral marketing", "Affiliate Marketing" and "E-book Marketing" and is one of the foremost expert in this area in Norway.

I recommend and sent $20 donations per month to Mystica Charity Foundation (!

You can shout and help too.